About US

About US


HuFO is one of the humanitarian organization based in Sana’a the capital of Yemen – HuFO is a member of the local network, which provides humanitarian relief in all Yemen in different sectors of nutrition, health, water/sanitation, food security, developments education training and homeless, IDPs refugees which are the  victims of wars and national disasters in Yemen.


Was established in 2016 by the Advocate Ahmed Hamoud Al Frace and it was sponsored by the Yemeni’s Businessman’s in response to a famine in Sana’a in the second years of the war in Yemen, Its first donation was providing canned food and food baskets to 30 poor families in Sana’a governate.

HuFO, is an independent local Yemeni NGO, currently manages operations in Sana’a with the generous Help and Support from our Europeans Friends and Yemeni Charities Business Mans, for opening Public Charity Kitchens in different Quarter in Sana’a and distribution food baskets for the poorest families every month.

Humanity Face Organization (HuFO).
is a Yemeni registered nonprofit local organization, we are committed to a policy of transparency and disclosure by ensuring that key financial information is publicly available with guarantees of good management.
Together, we can take urgent action to help poorest families to survive in Yemen.