Our Definitions and Objectives

Humanitarian food assistance aims to ensure the consumption of sufficient, safe and nutritious food in anticipation of, during, and in the aftermath of a humanitarian crisis, when food consumption would otherwise be insufficient or inadequate to avert excessive mortality,7emergency rates of acute malnutrition,8 or detrimental coping mechanisms. This includes ensuring food availability, access to nutritious food, proper nutrition awareness, and appropriate feeding practices. Food assistance may involve the direct provision of food, but may utilize a wider range of tools, including the transfer or provision of relevant services, inputs or commodities, cash or vouchers, skills or knowledge.

Our Principles

In pursuit of these objectives, the following principles should underscore the delivery of humanitarian food assistance. These are consistent with the general principles governing the delivery from our Charity Friends humanitarian aid. The modalities of food assistance must respect and the fundamental humanitarian, Funding will be allocated in an objective manner, according to these principles, to improve the food consumption of those in greatest need, without bias or prejudice. detailed needs assessments and causal analyses that are as accurate and up to date as possible.

Scope of Humanitarian Food Assistance Actions.

In order to achieve the objectives outlined above, the core role of humanitarian food assistance work is defined as saving lives, through delivering assistance to meet basic humanitarian food and nutrition needs. However, it also aims to fulfil supportive functions, specifically contributing to reducing risk and vulnerability, and improving the appropriateness and effectiveness of humanitarian food assistance through capacity-strengthening and advocacy.

Programming Food Assistance in Humanitarian Action

This volunteers Working Document accompanies on Humanitarian Food Assistance and elaborates how the Commission programmers, implements and coordinates humanitarian food assistance in pursuit of the objectives and principles defined. This operationally focused paper will be subject to regular review, and potential revision, and as theories of best-practice advance.