Sawan Charity Kitchen in Sana’a Was established in 2016

Humanity Face Organization (HuFO) – YEMEN

Sawan Charity Kitchen in Sana’a, is registered officially In Shaob District of Sawan Area as nonprofit Charity Kitchen and it was established in January 2016 by Mr. Aiman Ameer the Cooker, it’s supported financially from Humanity Face Organization (Ahmed AL Frace) and the Generous Support from Europeans friends through Mr. Jamil AL FAQIH who was one of our supporter from the beginning until now, and some Charity Yemeni Businessman’s,

This Kitchen was creating to response the famine and give food during the year and feeding per day to 350 IDPs displaced and poorest families. Kindly we try together to take urgent action to reducing the hunger because of this catastrophic war which is without ending.


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