Sawan Charity Kitchen Sana’a for the year 2020

Humanity Face Organization (HuFO)

Sawan Charity Kitchen Sana’a for the year 2020, (HuFO) was represented by Ahmed AL Frace, and Humanity Giving Organization (HuGO) represented by Jamil AL Faqih signed a cooperation agreement to partially provide financial support to Sawan Charity Kitchen for the year 2020.

The financial support provided by HuGO aims at doubling the number of beneficiary poor families who receive urgent hunger care every day started before Ramadan and for the year 2020.

Each year since the war started 20 Million of Yemen population are under poverties line.

By the end of Ramadan, we both Organization covered 350 families per a day, which means feeding 5 family members from each family.

To calculate it numbers: 350 X 5 X 30 days = 52,500 Person per a month, which is a very good number in comparing to the numbers last year which Humanity Face Organization provided food only 30,000 person per month.

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