Women Sewing Training Program during 2019 in Sana’a, Shawb District, Sawan Area.


Has implemented a Sewing Training Program for the poorest IDPs Ladies in Sana’a the capital of Yemen, this program has been created by Ahmed AL Frace the President of HuFO and is being supported and financed by Humanity Face Organization HuFO.

HuFO, provides two Teachers, 2 classrooms, three Sewing Machines, as well as textiles, sewing materials, stationary and a whiteboard,

The program plan was for one year started in January until December 2019 every training course was for 20 Ladies for 2 months. It aims at teaching women basic handicraft skills to give them the opportunity to become financially independent and to develop their skills that could be reinvested in their families. So far more than 120 Ladies from IDPs displaced families in Sana’a – Sawan Area, have graduated.

The interest this program is immense, which shows that this program will improve a basic need and it will also enable the ladies to gain new perspectives and skills for their life.


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